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A Spiritual Awakening: Why Discovering Yourself Is Good For Your Health


“Spirituality is something that nourishes and helps to heal a person’s spirit”; that’s according to doctors at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. We often don’t consider the spirit or the soul; however, it should be nourished as part of a healthy lifestyle. Tapping into this side of our being, and having a true spiritual awakening opens us up to an even higher degree of wellness. The soul needs just as much care as we give the mind and the body, through practices of mindfulness, meditation, and gratitude for the world around us. In return, the soul heals us; it holistically betters both our mental and physical health, and allows us to function in a clearer and healthier way.

Health Benefits Of Spiritual Wellness

Achieving a deeper connectedness to the universe brings balance to our lives; it makes dissonant feelings and self-doubts much easier to cope with, as we rest safe in the knowledge that the universe wants what is best for us. Nurturing our spiritual health gives us exactly that; a sense of oneness that makes every other aspect of our lives clearer, which in turn makes us a much healthier and open person.

In terms of mental health, it can help relieve stress as spirituality allows us to accept one simple truth: we aren’t in control of everything. Knowing this, we can much easier deal with daily anxieties and worries about external factors that affect us, from noisy and distracting environments to other people’s aggressions. As such, we don’t need to put the burden on ourselves. And, in terms of physical health, a spiritual awakening is no doubt good for the body. Realising that life is a cycle of ups and downs, negatives and positives, means that we can put less strain on ourselves. We can, and should, take time out for ourselves to relax and meditate to let our bodies rest.

Awakening Your Soul

We can’t just tell our souls to awaken; it happens naturally, overtime, through meditating on our lives until we reach a truer understanding. It starts with fostering a sense of mindfulness on a day-to-day basis. Before we react, think about the situation. Empathising with other people’s feelings, and even the environment around us can really give us a sense of the world’s cyclical nature. From this, we might find ourselves being kinder to others and seeking more natural, calmer environments; these are all signs that we are releasing rational control and allowing our souls to lead us. Then, we can begin to look even deeper through dedicated meditation. Detaching from the mind and body can be difficult at first but, when we achieve this, we can truly be connected to our soul.

The path to a spiritual awakening is individual, and takes a lot of discipline. However, when we arrive at that great sense of connectedness and peace, we can see its benefits show themselves through improved mental and physical well-being. We begin to find ourselves less stressed and confused by the world we live in; we find ourselves choosing to nurture our bodies through relaxation and clean-eating; and we find ourselves to be existing and moving together as one with the whole universe.

* by Cassie Steele