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I’m absolutely loving the Vanuatu Wild Harvest Coconut Oil – it tastes and feels amazing, I slather it on, morning and night!

Adele McConnell, Vegie Head

Wow, what I love about this Green Superfoods with Marine Plant Minerals powder is the taste – it didn’t overpower the taste of my fresh power juice, but enhanced it.

Cat Cannazarro (Wild Raw Chef)

I take your Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina everyday and just wanted to say what a great product it is … I recommend it to all my friends.

Moana Florian – Sydney NSW

I’ve been enjoying Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina for the past few decades, probably averaging about50 grams every day through tablets and powder. For me the secret is in the fresher taste that only seems to be preserved through the glass packaging. I’ve tried, and continue to try copious brands from all over the globe but glassed up Hawaiian is my fav. Thanks for representing and supplying such a great product.

Murray Norgate

Green energy for the arvo … Green Superfoods with Marine Plant Minerals is super nutritious, alkalising & my go to for extra energy

Sally Matuszny  Nutritionist C.N