100% Stainless Steel Container Set

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Stainless Steel Container Stack

Stainless Steel Food Container Set

This beautiful set of four (4) individual stainless steel containers are high quality 302 grade stainless steel with tight fitting lids that will last for decades. They are sturdy, heavy duty but elegant and attractive for carrying home fresh or cooked foods and for storing foods in the refrigerator.

They can be stored inside each other when not in use, to save space. Sizing is 17cm – 22.5cms.

Say ‘NO’ to plastic which can be toxic and contain harmful chemicals – save your food, you and our Planet from plastic containers.

We we make these available to our GREEN NUTRITIONALS customers …

When we started GREEN NUTRITIONALS with just one product in 1995, we sat down and made a list of principals we would use to shape the business into something we could be proud of. Ethical raw material sourcing with honest and full disclosure was at the top of our list, but a close second was ‘plastic-free’ sustainable packaging.

We had already spent some years in other health related business’s and had witnessed the endless sale of health products in plastic packaging we knew were not recyclable.

The alternative to plastic packaging was expensive – glass bottles with metal lids and steel eCans with no plastic lining that protected the nutrient-rich Superfoods and provided a fresher, more potent product for our customers.

With our unique LOCTEC (TM) packaging technology that keeps oxygen out of our products and allows for 100% recyclability of all of product packaging, we achieved what we set out to do and for 23 years our customers have experienced and appreciated our “NO PLASTIC” policy and the difference it makes to our Superfoods, the environment and you!

So the introduction of our new Stainless Steel Food Container set of 4 is our way of continuing something we are committed to and feel very passionate about – the removal of plastic from our Superfood products and our now our fresh food in general.


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