MicrOrganics GREEN NUTRITIONALS Product Range


Every product you purchase from MicrOrganics GREEN NUTRITIONALS is a premium quality superfood that has been researched, tested and proven to provide genuine nutritional and health benefits.

You can be certain that every GREEN NUTRITIONALS product you buy from any of our many stockists or online is the very best quality, because we provide;

  • Full disclosure of where on Earth our superfoods are grown and by whom – it’s important to know.
  • The real nutritional value of our superfoods.
  • Important details on how our superfoods are packaged to stop oxidation / nutrient loss while in the bottle, so the valuable nutritional goodness is preserved.

You can read more here about our values and practice in regards to sourcing, nutrients and packaging.

You can visit one of our many stockists to buy in person or buy from our online store