Our Business Values

These are the values and practices that inform how we run our business

Green Nutritionals

We never hold back any information about our products, or use clever wording that may mislead our customers – since we began over 25 years ago we’ve told our customers everything about our products, starting with exactly WHERE on Earth our superfoods are grown, HOW they are grown, WHO grows them, why we consider them to be the BEST – and we’ve always fully disclosed what is in our products … not just the ingredients but the all important nutrients, fully supported by a complete independent analysis of the NUTRIENT CONTENT of our Superfood products.

It’s what stands MicrOrganics GREEN NUTRITIONALS apart from companies that sell Superfoods and raw blends without disclosing the origin or the actual nutrient content.

All our Superfoods are grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and are sourced from countries and regions that have clean water, soil and air – we DO NOT blindly accept so called “certified organically grown” materials that are grown in environmentally compromised countries.

All our Superfood products are packed in a licensed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility in Australia.  Although we are not required to do so by law, we choose Australian GMP manufacturing for our products because it’s a standard we set for our brand that ensures the highest level of quality assurance, technical expertise and cleanliness possible.

Oxygen is the biggest destroyer of the natural vitamins, antioxidant, enzymes and essential fatty acids in Superfoods, so we use LOCTEC (TM) NUTRIENT PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY to remove the oxygen from within our glass and metal packaging and keep it out to ensure the sensitive nutrients DO NOT OXIDISE and the product remains fresh. Protecting the nutritional potency of our superfoods is something we have been doing successfully for 20 years.

Good to know…
Plastic Bottles, Composite Cans (cardboard walled ‘cans’ with plastic and glue added) and Plastic Bags are all oxygen-porous (the OXYGEN molecule is small enough to penetrate these plastic containers) so the foods they contain are exposed to oxygen and continual oxidation of vital nutrients from the moment they are packed. Even worse, all these cheap plastic containers are NON-RECYCLABLE, potentially toxic and a massive burden on our environment.

Unlike many companies, we take the protection of the valuable nutrients in our Superfoods and the protection of our Environment seriously.

We believe nutrient-rich Superfoods (any food for that matter) should NOT be packaged in cheap plastics bottles, composite cans or plastic bags that are oxygen-porous and environmentally toxic.

There’s NOTHING natural, organic or pure about plastic – yet many brands choose to pack foods in cheap plastic containers, then want you to believe their products are PURE and ORGANIC … go figure!

We choose pure 100% recyclable GLASS and METAL packaging because;

OXYGEN & MOISTURE: The oxygen molecule is so small it can penetrate the wall of a plastic bottle and will even enter under the plastic cap of a bottle – glass bottles with metal caps & metal cans are 100% oxygen & moisture barrier materials, so they effectively keep the oxygen out and the valuable nutrients that you are paying for in. For example, Spirulina can lose over 35% of its Betacarotene content in 30 days after packing in an oxygen-porous plastic bottle, yet when in a glass bottle with a metal cap loses nothing.

OUR ENVIRONMENT: The Planet is choking on plastic waste, much of which finds its way into our oceans. Many companies still choose to pack their superfoods in plastic bottles because it is cheap and less expensive to pack & ship. But the real cost to you loss of vital nutrients from oxidation and the bigger cost is environmental toxicity from the NON-RECYCLABLE plastic waste.

It’s worth it to us to invest in 100% RECYCLABLE glass & metal packaging … to protect the purity & potency of our Superfoods and help protect our environment.

GREEN NUTRITIONALS products contain NO genetically modified ingredients, NO animal ingredients, NO gluten and are not tested on animals.

Even the Barley Grass, Wheat Grass and Alfalfa Grass in our SUPERGRASS product does NOT contain gluten, because these are young cereal grasses harvested when they are at their most nutritious and BEFORE they form a head.

All GREEN NUTRITIONALS products are vegan & vegetarian friendly – even our capsules are 100% vegetarian and free from animal ingredients and gelatin.

We do NOT add synthetic vitamins, minerals or artificial ingredients to our Superfoods … not even sweeteners.

Our Superfoods do not contain grains like rice, corn or wheat, nor any other processed materials. We prefer to use Superfoods and real wholefoods like microalgae and organic seeds to remain grain free, gluten free and paleo friendly

MicrOrganics GREEN NUTRITIONALS is 100% Australian owned and operated and ALL our products are packaged in Australia under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) license.

Since we began selling Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina in Australia over 20 years ago, we have ALWAYS fully disclosed the origin of the Superfoods we source from the best locations around the World – our commitment to you is that we DO NOT choose to source our raw materials from countries or regions that are known to have compromised growing environments and practices … even if they are cheaper and claim to be ‘certified organically grown’.

Because, you really do deserve the best!