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What is LOCTEC Oxygenless Packaging? …

LOCTEC™ packaging protects nutrient potency Growing the World’s Best Superfoods is one thing, but protecting their valuable nutrients right up until the bottle is opened is another. The biggest enemy of superfoods is oxygen which can quickly damage sensitive vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, reducing nutritional potency. The best foods and beverages ALWAYS come packaged in glass with metal caps or 100% metal cans. LOCTEC™ Oxygenless Packaging removes the oxygen from inside the glass bottles AND KEEPS IT OUT while on the shelf, ensuring the potency of the important nutrients you pay for are protected. Superfoods packed in cheap plastic bottles are NOT protected from oxygen degradation (the oxygen molecule passes right through HDPE plastics) which can dramatically reduce nutrient potency in as little as 30 days after packing. The graph below shows the difference packaging makes — the upper line is Spirulina in glass with a metal cap seal, the lower line is in a plastic bottle. The Spirulina in the plastic bottle lost 38% of its beta-carotene in the first month while that in the sealed glass bottle with metal cap lost none. How does this happen? Simply, plastic packaging does not protect food from oxidation. The most common form of plastic packaging is HDPE (high density polyethylene) and the oxygen molecule easily penetrates this cheap plastic packaging and oxidises many valuable nutrients in the foods they contain. Oxygen is the number one enemy of superfoods as it can damage many of the valuable nutrients potent superfoods contain, such as the abundant antioxidants, sensitive vitamins and many food enzymes. For your superfoods to reach you with the best nutritional potency intact, the only true choice is LOCTEC™ Nutrient Protection Technology. find out more by vising