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Jane Davenport – Our Inspirational Interview

The Art of Wellness …

Jane Davenport is an artist, bestselling author and the Creative Director for Jane Davenport Mixed Media art supplies. Through her bustling online art school, she expands on her books and demonstrates tips and techniques for drawing and painting. Here’s our inspirational interview with Jane …

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*Hi Jane, It’s so exciting to meet you, thanks for agreeing to feature in our ‘Healthy Inspirational’ Interview.

*For those who are not familiar with art journaling, can you give us a quick description of what it is all about?

Art Journaling is perhaps the only visual art that is specifically just for the artist. Of course you can share your work with others, but it isn’t the purpose of it. It’s creating to enjoy the process and to enter into the act of creating.

*In your opinion, how does art journaling promote balance and overall wellbeing?

Balance is a good way of describing what Art Journaling can bring. I find that it is an outlet that allows you to access memory, thought and emotion in a peaceful, gentle way. It’s allows an untangling of our madly busy, jumbled lives!

How does one get started with art journaling?

All you need is a journal and something to write and draw with. I believe life is too short for crappy paper, so grace yourself with something lush!

*What are some good supplies for aspiring artists to use?

The Jane Davenport Mixed media art journal is full of paper that can really take on everything from pen, pencil, pastel, paint to watercolour. I love fountain pens for the variety of line and fun with changing inks, so would recommend my INKredible pen. Next you will want some colour. A small watercolours palette and Mermaid Markers are a lot of fun. I have a condition known as ‘rainbowitis’ so I like to create with LOTS of supplies. I like the variety and experiencing how things work together.

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*How do you find inspiration for your art journal pages? What do you recommend if somebody who is new to art journaling is feeling stuck?

I find inspiration everywhere because I am an endlessly curious person. If you feel stuck,

  1. get out the headphones and listen to some singer songwriters. Write down the words that jump out at you and then let imagery flow that is inspired by them.
  2. Grab an art supply in your favourite colour and just start using it on the pages.
  3. Don’t judge what you create, instead enjoy creating it. In other words ‘trust the mess’!
  4. If you want to sharpen up your drawing skills, and feel more confident, come and do a workshop with me at It’s my calling in life to get people relishing in their creativity. It makes me happy!

*Now let’s talk about you!😊 What are some ways that you like to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life?

I have water bottles everywhere, so at least I’m hydrated. I can easily sit too long at my desk, so I need to be conscious of getting up regularly. The lifting desk option does not work for me ( too many pens and inks on my desk!).

I do a strenuous exercise class three days a week in the middle of the day, just before lunch and squeeze in walks with the dogs as often as I can.

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*Do you have a favorite healthy recipe that you would like to share with our readers?

I have quite a few fruit trees in my garden, and we don’t use pesticides, so I take the chance to pick fruit and eat it right there under the tree whenever I can. That’s about the limits of my culinary skills!

*How do you stay balanced with all of the fabulous things that you have going on in your professional life?

I exercise to help manage feelings of overwhelm and to keep me feeling strong and healthy. My back is a bit iffy (from falling off too many horses and surfboard as a kid probably) but lots of pilates-based core work keeps everything stable.

Because I work for myself, I can work the hours that I feel energised and relax in non-productive hours. Sometimes I don’t have that flexibility, but my natural routine is lots of work in the morning and early evening.

*What is your motto in life?

I live somewhere between  “If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room! “ and “ sit and enjoy the view whenever you can”.

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