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Five Reasons to Love Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina

– by Margaux J Rathbun, B.S., N.T.P.

It is no secret that I’ve been a fan of GREEN NUTRITIONALS for many years. One of the first products I ever used was their Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina and to this day, it is one of my favorite ways to incorporate a variety of nutrients into my diet! I will add it to my smoothies, sprinkle it on my popcorn, and even add it to various salad dressings. In celebration of Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina celebrating its 21st year in Australia, I would like to share with you my five top reasons why I think it is the best Spirulina on Earth!

Hawaiian Spirulina powder, caps, tabs

  1.   Responsibly GrownHawaiian Pacifica Spirulina is sourced from the world renowned Cyanotech Corporation, located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is cultured in shallow, open ponds adjacent to the Pacific Ocean without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. The micro-algae is grown with a combination of fresh Hawaiian aquifer water and the mineral-rich deep ocean water. Food-grade baking soda and carbon dioxide is used to give the algae an abundance of minerals and trace elements. Paddle wheels agitate the water as a way to expose all of the algae to the vital sunlight. Using these methods, 350 metric tons of premium quality Spirulina is grown each year. That’s a lot of nutrient-dense Spirulina! Spirulina farm Hawaii
  1. Sustainably Harvested – The process in which the Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina is harvest is just as important as how it is grown. When it is ready to be processed, the Spirulina is dried out using a method called Patented Ocean-Chill Drying. This method helps to reduce the processing losses of the delicate compounds found in the Spirulina which helping to retain its nutritional value. The air used in the spray drier is put through a column of cold, deep ocean water which “rips” the oxygen from the dryer’s air. This exposes the Spirulina to far less oxidation that conventional spray drying that you will find used on most competitors’ products. Once dried, tablets are made using a cold-pressed process.

Spirulina Aqua farm in Hawaii

  1. The Most Nutrient-Dense Food on Earth – Looking for an easy way to add a variety of nutrients to your daily diet? Look no further than Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina! This green superfood has 300% more calcium than milk, 2300% more iron than spinach, 3900% more beta carotene than carrots and 365% more protein than tofu. It is also extremely rich in phytonutrients, trace minerals and enzymes. All of these nutrients aid in promoting energy, strong immunity, beautiful skin, proper digestion, and much more. Learn more about the nutritional benefits here.

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  1. Easy to include in your Daily Diet – How do you incorporate Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina into your life? It’s easy! From smoothies to salad dressings, GREEN NUTRITIONALS offers a free recipe eBook on their website that is packed with delicious ways to get the benefits of their nourishing Spirulina. If cooking and making meals isn’t your thing, no worries! Try taking the Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina tabs every morning as a quick way to give your body the nutrients it needs.

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  1. Protective Packaging for Nutritional Potency – Have you ever paid attention to the packaging of your favorite health products? If not, you should! Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina is exclusively packaged in LOCTEC Oxygenless Packaging which helps protect the algae from becoming oxidized. The biggest enemy to raw superfoods is oxygen, which can easily damage sensitive vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, thus reducing the nutritional potency of the product. LOCTEC Oxygenless Packaging removes the oxygen from inside of the glass bottle while keeping it out. Best of all? The packaging is 100% recyclable which means you are playing a role in protecting our Earth, along with your own health!

Hawaiian Pacifica SPIRULINA