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Super Green Power: Review by Vanessa Finnigan – Holistic Bliss Magazine

They say ‘change is as good as a holiday!’ And change seems to be my middle name at the moment with the magazine growing and we have also just finished building our house from scratch and have recently moved in. But even the excitement of ‘big change’ can have some effects on the body at times, otherwise known as eustress from positive life events.

Holistic Bliss - Green superfoods review

I must admit, I have not been one to take a lot of supplements in my life but recently I felt my body was calling out for some extra support due to these life transitions. I recalled a conversation with the owner of MicrOrganics GREEN NUTRITIONALS about their products and was impressed with the research and ethics behind the brand. He explained how packed full of extra potency the organic products are due to the way they are sourced and bottled using glass jars.

I felt (intuitively) to boost my iron levels and provide some extra support to my immune system during winter…not that I usually get sick!

I didn’t really have time to buy boxes of spinach, kale and citrus fruit, and my body wasn’t actually asking for those things at the time. I kept thinking about and imagining barley greens and chlorella in my mind’s eye, so thought it was time I stocked up my shelves and sent Green Nutritionals a message and order for the first time!
I have taken the ‘Green Super Foods’ (which include the world’s five most nutrient-rich superfoods: Hawaiian spirulina, Yaeyama chlorella, organic barley grass and alfalfa plus organic marine plant minerals) for about three weeks and I have noticed my skin and hair are noticeably softer. It only took a few days to find the right amount for my body and I am now taking about three capsules a day. The product is so nutrient dense, I don’t feel as hungry and my concentration and productivity levels have been boosted.

These greens are unique because they contain marine plant minerals – a phytomineral complex containing 74 essential minerals and trace elements. The addition of these plant sourced minerals multiplies calcium levels for example by a factor of 8!

Thank-you to the MicrOrganics GREEN NUTRITIONALS team and the gorgeous glass straws with the little green glass frogs are so adorable and great for drinking green smoothies with ease and fun!!!

Written by Vanessa Finnigan – Editor Holistic Bliss Magazine