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The Baobab Pre-school Program Creating a Culture of Caring


Organic African BaobabYou can feel good while it’s doing you good!

Women in the local Venda villages where much of our beautiful Organic Baobab fruit is collected are constantly busy with their every-day tasks: growing crops, trading in small goods, wild-harvesting foods and collecting firewood and water. Often, their work takes them away from the village and it’s not always practical or safe to keep their very young children with them. It therefore becomes the task of one or two other village women to care for young children and so informal pre-schools are set up.
Like all  small children throughout the world, these children need good food, a warm, clean and cosy place to sleep, toys and safe play areas.  However, the reality is many of these pre-schools are little more than hard concrete floors surrounded by dusty unfenced grounds and at best, an old car tre to play with. In addition, the women who are the care takers do not have a background in early childhood development and therefore the young children are not properly prepared for the potential of future schooling.
The Baobab Pre-school Program is an initiative which identifies under-resourced pre-schools in the areas where baobab harvesters live. The support that is given to the pre-schools is determined by the individual needs of each and includes:

  • Training the carers (teachers) in early childhood development.
  • Providing educational toys, jungle gyms and swings.
  • Helping improve the infrastructure of the premises.
  • Supplying nutritional non-perishable food

The Baobab Pre-school Program has joined forces with with the Sumbandila Trust which has been involved in educating rural children in under-privileged schools since 2007. They have extended their educational program to include early childhood development (ECD) and provide a mentor to the carers/teachers of each of these pre-schools.
“It’s about creating a culture of caring for the future, for our communities and for our earth”
Early Childhood Development has been identified as a means of breaking the poverty cycle. Children who do not receive a strong foundation in their early development are found to be disadvantaged academically. By focusing on the appropriate development areas and adequate nutrition before school age, children are given an advantage that will help them for the rest of their lives. The aim is to help four pre-schools per year with core actions.
In this way the production of organic baobab fruit powder not only supports the health and wellbeing in the fast paced modern lives of western man, but in turn the wellbeing of those at the source of the baobab are being supported by those of us who use baobab.

GREEN NUTRITIONALS Organic African Baobab is an authentically ethical, socially responsible, sustainable, environmentally supportive food….

You can feel good while it’s doing you good!