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Review of Green Superfoods with Marine Plant Minerals by Lee Holmes of Supercharged Food

Green Nutritionals Green Superfoods Powder

Written by lee on .

Smoothie recipes seem to be taking over the world quicker than Usain Bolt runs the 100m.

It’s amazing how many ingredients you can pack into a smoothie! But for my green smoothie, I like to keep it simple and use a few key ingredients along with my favourite Green Superfoods Powder from Green Nutritionals.

Super foods are exactly that, foods that have been found to have super hero qualities! They’re often loaded with nutrients far beyond what is considered to be the norm providing the body with an unbeatable amount of nutrients in one small sitting.

Green Nutritionals have combined the world’s top five nutrient-rich foods which can easily be added soups, smoothies, juices or breakfast bowls.

For over twenty years they’ve produced organic products with 100% transparency starting the journey from where the ingredients are sourced, all the way through to how they are manufactured.

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Green Superfoods uses the purest ingredients, free from toxic fertilisers and bacteria killing chemicals.

Every teaspoon includes Hawaiian Spirulina, Yaeyama Chlorella, Australian Organic Alfalfa and Barleygrass and Organic Marine Plant Minerals- the five most potent green super foods. 

Adding a scoop to your daily smoothie or green juice will really give your immune system boost and alkalise and energise the body.


Here are some of the amazing benefits of greening up your smoothies and soups:


5 Benefits of Including Green Superfoods into your diet:

  1. SuperMeals can be created from a teaspoon of Green Superfood

Each serving of Green Superfoods contains 60% protein and antioxidants that are important for kidney and liver health, eyesight, brain functioning and skin repair.

  1. More energy

Adding superfoods to your meals will increase the nutrient value of those meals, allowing you to get more from every mouthful without having to consume six plates of green leafy vegetables! The added nutrients and antioxidants will allow your body to feel alert and awake for longer and make sure you stay on top of your health.

  1. Fight off the chemicals

In the 21st century it hard to steer clear of all additives and chemically laden ingredients. To counteract this and ensure our body can cleanse itself, consuming antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamin C and E is beneficial and they are all found Green Superfoods.

  1. It’s great for the environment

Green Nutritionals Green Superfoods Powder is produced sustainably with as little footprint left behind as possible. The packaging is also very unique, being packaged in a 100% glass bottle with metal lid which protects the sensitive nutrients and antioxidants from degradations from oxygen, moisture and light.

  1. Green Superfoods can be added to just about anything

It is completely up to you what you add your Green powder to. If you like it simple, just mix into water. If you prefer smoothies add a scoop and go. Soups? Sprinkle some on top.

If you are unsure how to incorporate Green Nutritionals Green Superfood Powder into your diet, try adding a teaspoon of it to my Choc Chip Mint Smoothie recipe for a nutrient packed breakfast beverage or afternoon pick-me-up.

You could also sprinkle a teaspoon over a serve of crisp Kale Chips that are fresh out of the oven for a Supercharged boost.