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Meet ‘The Inspired Family’

Let us introduce you to our ‘Healthy Inspirations’ – Sharon and Serge Colicchia and their adorable daughters Jasmine and Jade – together they form ‘The Inspired Family’

The Inspired Family



*Hi Sharon and Serge, we would love you to tell us a little about yourself and what sparked your desire to become ‘The Inspired Family?

The inspired family was born out of a realization actually. A few years back, I received lots of private messages on Facebook from friends sharing their gratitude & thanks with me for inspiring them from my posts on my feed.  Initially I was a bit surprised, especially since I was just being me, posting about my day or thoughts on something.  After a while I realized that my friends were drawn to my posts because of my inspiration.

We did not realize we had become living examples of change, we have made so changes & improvements in the areas of health, wealth, parenting, birthing & connection. We chose to live these areas completely differently to the way Serge & I were raised, actually the opposite. Because of this, we fostered very different & incredible results, we quite literally became the change we wanted to see & we became the example for others. Our lasting results are self-evident & because of this, we don’t need to convince anyone of change, they can see it for themselves.  Hence, we receive many requests for help, so now, in 2017 we will be helping other families to create their ultimate family lifestyle, i.e. their own version of The Inspired Family.

*When did you first start living this way and what did you have to sacrifice or give-up to follow the life of your dreams?

I became very interested in health when I worked alongside Donna Aston. She introduced me a side of health I never knew existed. This opened up another world for me, for which I am truly grateful. I realized that everything I knew or had learnt about health was incorrect, hence my results of ill health.  After a few years, I decided to move away from personal training & my journey into researching ‘real’ health & wellness was born. Serge & I became healthier, present, aware, our thoughts had become so much clearer, we changed on so many levels. Then I fell pregnant & I was introduced to another new world, a world of home birthing & conscious parenting, connection & trust.  Being pregnant forced me to slow down, it made me realize that I had a PHD in being busy. So I practiced saying ‘no’ & threw away my ‘busyness badge’. It felt so freeing, I was able to wave obligation ‘good-bye’.

*What‘s a typical ‘day in the life of The Inspired Family’ for you and your girls?

Because Serge & I are both at home and we homeschool Jassie & Jade, we don’t really have a typical day as such, each day is different. However, we do plan our day the night before.  We are both up quite early, as we live by the beach, so one of us catches the sunrise.  Plus the early mornings is a great opportunity for us to squeeze in some personal development time & get some important tasks done.  We like to move our body at the start of the day so we get out with Jasmine & Jade.  We don’t stick to one exercise as such, it more so depends on how we feel & the season. So it’s either a beach walk or a bike ride, either way, we move & get outside in the fresh air & sunshine.

The inspired family - Sharon and girls

*What plans and dreams do you have for the future?                             

Lots, we have a separate vision for family, wealth, health, mindset, spirituality & business. If we summate it though, it boils down to more choices in our life & constantly upgrading our family lifestyle.

The inspired family - Serge and girls

*Do you have anything that’s non-negotiable when it comes to your health and wellbeing?

There are a few since wellbeing is important to us, however the first thing that we all do daily, is consume a sufficient amount of spring water. It’s the first thing that enters our mouths, and it’s also the last. We only drink locally sourced, wild water from a private property that is delivered to our home. Prior to moving up to northern NSW from southern Victoria, Serge would personally collect our water from a spring in Warburton, high in the mountains, a 5 hour round trip, every 6 weeks!

*What is your favourite food or healthy daily practice that you couldn’t do without?

Wow, this a biggie, there are a few! The top of the list is structuring our spring water in the Vitamix with sea salt just before we drink it. Wholefoods are must, we have 2 fridges, one just for our fruits & veggies! And superfoods, as we ‘upgrade’ all our smoothies & juices. It’s a must for us, it’s our way of supercharging our health & nutrition naturally.

The Inspired family - Jasmine and Jade making juice

*Would you like to tell us something about yourselves, that most people wouldn’t know when they first meet you? (e.g. an unusual hobby or practice you might have)?

If there were one thing that almost everyone find fascinating, is how we do what we do? The fact that we are ‘self-funded’ & not actually work in jobs is the big intrigue. Plus, we find people are really interested in our family lifestyle, we receive so many questions about health, parenting, the girls, how we homeschool etc…

*Who or what inspires you?

Lots, however we love the beach for sure, the sunrise, bush walking, being in nature. We have mentors in all the areas of life, here are some of them; John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Michael Bernard Beckwidth, Marie Forleo, Dale Beaumont, Oprah, Joel Osteen, Daniel Vitalis, Robert Cassar, Joseph Clinton Pearce, Celine Dion, Valentino Rossi.  And so many others, however, we are drawn to people who truly live an authentic life.

*What is your favourite Superfood or healthy ingredient?

Oh, this is a toughie as we have many superfoods. We even designed & created our own juice & smoothie bar/station in our kitchen!  However, the ones that need constant topping up are Cacao, Coconut oil, Chia seeds, Super Greens.  I used to source most of our superfoods from America a few years back, however these days, we mostly use your product range as I want the choice to ‘grab & go’ at any health food store or purchase them online. Your product range provide us with both choices, which is important to us.


the-inspired-family-super juice

*We would love you to share one of your favourite ‘healthy’ recipes using a GREEN NUTRITIONALS product with us?

Sure, it’s summer here at the moment, so we are juicing a lot, so here is a juice that we are guzzling down in January:

6 apples, ½ lemon, 1 cucumber, 5-6 celery stalks (with leaves)  Juice all ingredients.

Here’s the fun part, we now ‘upgrade’ the juice & super charge it (optional)

Add the green juice to the Vitamix, Add 1-2 tablespoons of MicrOrganics Green Superfoods, Blend, Turn to the lowest setting & add in 3 tablespoons of soaked chia seeds, Serve up and enjoy! the goodness!

The key to our health success is to keep our recipes simple, so they are easy to create & yummy to drink.

The inspired family - girls enjoying their super-juice

‘The girls enjoying their ‘upgraded’ juice above’ with their Glass Froggy Straws!…

We would love to thank Sharon, Serge and their gorgeous girls, for this interview and the use of their wonderful photos …

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The Inspired Family