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Marine Magnesium’s Health Benefits and Applications

If you’ve heard of the importance of magnesium, you may consider taking a magnesium supplement. Check out our Pure Ocean-Source Marine MAGNESIUM. It’s naturally derived from pure ocean water and marine plants, and is sustainably harvested from the pristine waters off the coast of Ireland.

Considered a vital mineral for good health, magnesium is one of the most common minerals in your body. It’s needed for many bodily processes, and your body can’t create it, so you need a supply of magnesium from your diet every day. (1)

Magnesium and your health: ensure a magnesium-rich diet

Unfortunately, clinical studies reveal that low levels of magnesium are common. (2) Moreover, it’s challenging for medical professionals to assess and manage nutrient levels. You may be deficient in magnesium without realizing.

Magnesium is required by over 300 enzyme reactions in the body: it builds strong bones and regulates blood sugar and blood pressure. Additionally, your body relies on magnesium to conduct the tiny electrical charges which keep your heat beating strongly and regularly.

Although you can get magnesium from many foods, ranging from dairy products to vegetables and nuts and seeds, you may not get enough from your diet. Many foods from grocery stores are heavily processed, and supply diminished amounts of magnesium. Additionally, if you regularly miss meals, or consume a vegetarian or vegan diet, you may become deficient. (1)

If your diet is lacking, a magnesium supplement may help. However, not all magnesium supplements are readily bioavailable. Just as your body may not be able to use all the magnesium in the foods you eat, so it may also have challenges absorbing magnesium from supplements.

Choose the best magnesium supplement: ensure it’s easily absorbed by your body

Supplements vary in the form of magnesium they supply. Common forms include: magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate, and marine magnesium.

In some forms of magnesium supplementation, the form of magnesium in the supplement’s tablets or powder isn’t readily absorbed. To enhance magnesium’s bioavailability, these supplements are combined with vitamins and minerals.

Why take a supplement?

Let’s consider some of the health benefits studies have shown that magnesium offers.

Magnesium increases overall health: it boosts your energy when you need it

Your body performs many complex biochemical reactions every minute of each day. Many of these reactions require magnesium. (3)

Are you often tired? Both your muscles and bones are affected if you have a low intake of magnesium. Your body’s muscles expand and contract, using the energy supplied by your blood sugar, and magnesium is essential to ensure that your blood sugar levels are adequate.

Studies show that as we age, we lose muscle mass and bone density: in research studies, dietary magnesium increased muscle mass and energy. (4)

Your heart is a muscle. A recent clinical study showed that a magnesium supplement increased the time heart-disease patients were able to exercise. From this result, scientists emphasized the importance of a healthy diet, with plentiful magnesium-rich foods. They also suggested magnesium supplements: you could be low in magnesium without realizing.

Magnesium assists with healthy sleep and mental health

It’s estimated that fully half of all adults experience sleep challenges. They may lie awake for hours, then wake up exhausted. If you struggle with insomnia or nightly muscle cramps which wake you up, a magnesium supplement may help. (3)

Not only does magnesium relax your muscles, it also relaxes your nerves. Studies show that magnesium can assist with mental health. (5) Scientists believe that this is because magnesium has a role in hormone production and in regulating the brain’s activities.

Magnesium may act as an anti-inflammatory agent

Several studies have shown that because the body relies on magnesium for so many vital functions, it withdraws magnesium from your bones as needed. A diet which is inadequate in magnesium is associated with chronic inflammation.

A healthy supply of magnesium helps your body to manage inflammation. This is important, because inflammation is the precursor to many chronic diseases, including diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis. (8 & 9)

Consult your medical professional if you’re concerned about inflammation: ask whether you should take a magnesium supplement.

Should you consider a marine magnesium supplement?

Always be guided by your doctor when you consider any supplement, especially if you’re on any medication. Ask them whether a magnesium supplement might be beneficial.

Your body needs a good supply of magnesium. Pure Ocean-Source Marine MAGNESIUM offers marine magnesium with many additional minerals, making it readily bioavailable.

Not only does your body need magnesium, so does your brain. Although magnesium is common in many foods, if you feel that your diet is in any way inadequate, a magnesium supplement may help.


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