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Green Nutritionals

It’s Not Easy Being Green!


But when it comes to Superfoods we make it easier with our Super 8 Standard of quality, integrity & efficacy … we believe it’s the right thing for your Superfoods and for you!


1. NO PLASTICS – we choose NOT to pack your superfoods in cheap plastic bottles and the reasons are endless … nutrient-rich superfoods shouldn’t come into contact with plastic.

2. NO OXIDATION – we use LOCTEC(TM) Nutrient Protection Technology that creates an oxygenless environment inside the glass bottles to protect the abundant antioxidants … we cap it off with a metal lid that creates an effective hermetic seal to keep oxygen out and stop the loss of valuable nutrients that occurs with oxygen permeable plastic packaging.

3. FULL DISCLOSURE – we genuinely choose the very best Superfoods based on Country of origin, quality, potency and purity, that’s why we’re proud to tell you where on Earth they are grown and by whom … it’s important to us and our customers appreciate it!

4. GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE (GMP) – we choose to package all our superfoods in a licensed GMP facility to ensure the best quality control standards.

5. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – No chemicals, No pesticides, No herbicides, low water usage and no land, water or soil degradation in the production of our superfoods.

6. 100% RECYCLABLE PACKAGING – we protect the environment using glass and metal components in our packaging to maximise recycling and reduce land-fill.

7. HEALTH FOOD ONLY BRAND – we support Health Food Stores and Natural Therapists exclusively, because we want people that really know & understand superfoods to be the ones who guide your choice.

8. AUSTRALIAN MADE and OWNED – MicrOrganics GREEN NUTRITIONALS is an Australian owned company since 1995 that manufactures in Australia in accordance with GMP, using the best local and imported superfoods.

All our products are vegetarian and vegan friendly and packaged using ‘LOCTEC Oxygenless storage’ – Nutrient Protection Technology that removes oxygen from the jar from the time of packaging right up until you open it, ensuring the higher levels of antioxidants such as beta-carotene and other sensitive nutrients are fully present for your benefit and is your best guarantee of farm fresh potency!

We’ve applied all these principals to the MicrOrganics GREEN NUTRITIONALS Range, and we’re confident that when you try our products you’ll agree we’ve put together THE WORLDS BEST SUPERFOODS.