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How You Can Incorporate Chlorella Into Your Wellness Program


Want to improve your health? The exciting health supplement chlorella could be a wonderful addition to your diet. Chlorella is so packed with nutrition that it’s been called a superfood. We offer Yaeyama Pacifica CHLORELLA as a powder, or in a convenient tablet form.

Chlorella is naturally a vivid green, because it contains chlorophyll, and is derived from a single-cell, freshwater algae. Grown sustainably in pure fresh water, Yaeyama Chlorella comes from Ishigaki Island in Japan.

Used as a food supplement around the world, Chlorella has many health benefits

Because it contains almost 60% protein, Chlorella was grown in Germany during World War I as a food source. After World War II, scientists around the world studied it intensively for its health benefits.

In addition to its protein, Chlorella is unique because it contains all nine essential amino acids: they’re termed “essential” amino acids because you must obtain them from food daily—your body can’t create them. (1)

Chlorella also contains all the vitamins that a human body needs, as well as many minerals. It’s a great source of iron, as well as folate, which is essential for pregnancy, and trace elements, such as selenium, and for vegetarians and vegans.

You can incorporate a Chlorella supplement into your wellness program easily. Let’s look at some of the options for adding it to your diet. It has a mildly bitter taste, so use it lightly in smoothies and in your meals until you’re accustomed to it.

1. Good health daily: use Chlorella in juices and smoothies

You can buy chlorella in both tablet and powdered form. The tablets are convenient to take with you to work and when you travel.

Studies show that Chlorella can help to regulate your blood sugar levels. (3) Start your day healthily when you add chlorella to your morning smoothie or juice. Add honey to sweeten.

Use whatever fruit you have on hand for your smoothie, then add orange juice and blend, for a delicious start to your day.

Are you trying to lose weight? One study showed a noticeable reduction in body fat (3), with subjects who were studied over four months. If you’re on a weight loss diet, consider keeping a food journal to assess Chlorella’s impact on your cravings and appetite.

2. For restful sleep, take chlorella at bedtime

If you find it challenging to sleep through the night, and wake up feeling tired, Chlorella may help. The amino acid, tryptophan, is found in Chlorella: it helps to induce sleep. In addition, your brain uses tryptophan to produce the “feel good” hormone serotonin, which relieves anxiety and depression. (5)

Try adding Chlorella to warm milk and honey, or to any bedtime drink of your choice. For best results, consume your drink half an hour before you’re ready for bed.

3. Eat well with chlorella: add it to meals

Children may complain about the taste if you add chlorella to their smoothies, so why not use it in your cooking? Try adding Chlorella to soups and stews, or even to baked goods.

Consider using Chlorella anywhere you can camouflage the taste, if you’re cooking family meals. Add Chlorella to creamy salad dressings, as well as to any which are made with oil and vinegar. It adds a wonderful tang, without being noticeable to adults and children with a sensitive palate.

You can use Chlorella in sauces too. Combine it with blue cheese for an amazing pasta sauce. Add it to any sauce to which you add balsamic vinegar or wine.

Sift it with flour when you’re baking. The taste of chlorella is easily disguised in cakes and biscuits.

4. Exercise with Chlorella to increase your aerobic endurance

Do you exercise regularly? Chlorella may help to increase your endurance, and minimize your recovery periods. (4)

If you take a protein supplement, Chlorella contains around 60% pure protein, combined with amino acids. So consider replacing part or all of your protein supplementation with Chlorella.

To enhance the benefits of exercise, use chlorella in your smoothies, either when you wake up, or after your morning exercise.

But what about safety if you take Chlorella regularly?

Safety: Chlorella’s side effects

Always be guided by your health advisors. Get a medical professional’s advice before adding a supplement such as Chlorella to your diet, especially if you’re on any form of medication.

Chlorella is derived from an algae and some algal foods have been known to trigger allergic reactions. Use a minimal amount initially to get your body used to it, then increase the amount.

Since it’s a food, there aren’t any restrictions on the amount of Chlorella you can take. Commonly people take anywhere from one to three teaspoons daily. Check your product’s label for the supplier’s advice.


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