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Healthy Inspirations – Interview with International Media Nutritionist Margaux J. Rathbun

Margaux J Rathbun

* Tell us a little about yourself and what sparked your interest in the Health and Wellness industry?

For many years, I lived a toxic life. I was a big drinker (I would party three times a week) and I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. I was also bulimic for many years and eventually, I became anorexic. I felt terrible and my body was paying the price. This lifestyle I was living eventually caught up with me when I was in my mid-20’s. I started to experience a scary health crisis and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me. I visited with a holistic doctor who told me that the party-girl lifestyle I had lived for so many years had destroyed my digestion. Working with him, I began to incorporate nutrient-dense foods, drinks, and supplements into my daily diet. I was amazed at how well this worked! This is what sparked my passion to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and share my knowledge and experience with the world.

* What would be your number 1 wellness tip?

Drink water! It is one of the easiest things that we can do to promote general wellness in our bodies. How much water should you drink? Take your body weight and divide it in half. That is the total amount in ounces that you should drink each day.

* Do you have any non-negotiables when it comes to your health?

I try to avoid refined sugar whenever possible! I believe it is one of the most addicting things on the planet and it can cause a lot of harm to our health.

* What is your favourite food that you couldn’t live without?

Brussels sprouts! I think they are the best tasting things ever. I also can’t live without my coconut oil. I probably use it in at least five recipes each week.

* Who or what inspires you?

All of my followers on social media.When I read their comments about how good nutrition is working for them, it encourages me to work even harder. Some of their stories and journeys to wellness are absolutely amazing!

* Would you like to share one of your favourite ‘healthy’ recipes with us?

It’s a juice that I make at least four times a week. I juice one bulb of fennel, a green apple, a bit of ginger root, 1/2 of a cucumber, and a 1/4 of a lemon. It is the most delicious green juice and I love the boost of energy it gives me!

Inspirational green juice

To find out more about Margaux, visit her wonderful website – Authentic Self Wellness or join her on facebook