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5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy in 2016 with Green Nutritionals – Written by Margaux J. Rathbun, B.S., N.T.P.

New Year 2016

It’s 2016 and that means it’s time for new goals, hopes, and daily aspirations! One of the most common resolutions people make is to improve the quality of their health and daily lives. They strive to lose weight, work out, and improve their appearance. The trouble is that many people set their goals so high that they tend to fizzle out with their momentum. Come February, most people have already gone back to their regular, unhealthy routines. Make this year the best one ever by incorporating these easy tricks to help you stay on the path to wellness. Keeping your New Year resolutions is easier than you think…and Green Nutritionals is here to help you along the way!
1. Stay hydrated: One of the easiest and most important things we can do for our health is to drink water. We tend to get dehydrated as we go about our days due to stress, heat, physical activity, and from drinking dehydrating beverages. Start carrying around a glass water bottle as a way to remind yourself to drink water. Give it a boost of flavor and nutritional value by squeezing some lemon or lime juice into it.

Lemon water

2. Schedule your Workouts: Is working out not your thing? Are you just too busy to make time for the gym? Try setting aside 20-30 minutes every day and do some type of physical activity that you love. It could be walking, running, yoga, or swimming. Just make sure that you schedule into your daily planner or scheduling app. This will encourage you to stick with your workout “appointment” and allow you to see your progress as you go about your week. Need help getting energized to work out? Try incorporating our Vanuatu Wild Harvest Coconut Oil into your diet. Coconut oil is full of nutrients to help give your body a natural lift of energy. Be sure to download our recipe eBook for creative ways to incorporate this miracle food into your breakfast, lunches, dinners, and snacks!


3. Get your Greens: We all know how important it is to incorporate green foods into our diet. The trouble is that we often get so busy we don’t have time to prepare them in a way that appeals to our taste buds! That’s why it is so important to incorporate our green superfood products into your daily routine. From our Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella to our popular GreenSuperFoods with Marine Plant Minerals, we make it easy to get your greens! Simply keep a bottle out on the counter as a way to remind yourself to always get your greens. Try our products in easy-to-use tablet/capsule form or start by adding the powder to your favorite recipes!

Healthy GreenSuperfoods smoothie

4. Boost your Immunity: Do you find yourself constantly getting sick? When cold and flu season rolls around, are you always the first person to start sniffling and sneezing? If so, it’s time to stock up on our Hawaiian Natural Astaxanthin. Believe it or not, astaxanthin has been shown to be one of the highest sources of antioxidants found in nature. Not only can it help to keep you well, it has been shown to promote eye, skin, and brain health! By simply taking the recommended amount of Hawaiian Natural Astaxanthin, you give your body the advantage to stay well when everyone around you is getting sick.

Healthy Hawaiian Natural Asaxanthin

5. Blend it Up: Making smoothies is one of the easiest ways you can incorporate a variety of nourishing ingredients into your daily diet. All you need is a blender, a glass, and perhaps one of our cute Froggy Glass Straws. One of the many benefits of drinking smoothies is that it gives your body a nice boost of fiber to aid in promoting proper digestion. Because the ingredients are essentially “chewed up” in the blender, it makes all of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes easy for your body to absorb. Give your smoothie an added boost by incorporating our Australian Organic SuperGrass Powder, or Hawaiian Pacifica Powder into the mix. Not only will this rev-up the nutritional value, it will turn your smoothie a beautiful shade of green!

Healthy Green Smoothie