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What is LOCTEC Oxygenless Packaging? …


LOCTEC™ packaging protects nutrient potency Growing the World’s Best Superfoods is one thing, but protecting their valuable nutrients right up until the bottle is opened is another. The biggest enemy of superfoods is oxygen which can quickly damage sensitive vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, reducing nutritional potency.

Five Natural Ways to put a Spring in your Step


It’s all about getting rid of the old and bringing in the new! As Spring approaches, I take this mentality and apply it to my wellness regime as I find it gives me a renewed sense of vitality. I’m a busy woman and the last thing I need is to feel sluggish or hung-over from the cold Winter months. If you can relate to this and you feel like you need a little spring in your step, here are my five tips to help you feel energized.

6 easy ways to give your immunity a boost!

healthy woman in white

Need help to stop those niggling coughs and sniffles? It’s that time of the year when the cold and flu can run rampant, causing us to miss out on work and life in general. Don’t let feeling ‘under the weather’ slow you down! Turn to nutrition and natural therapies as a way to help you … Continue reading 6 easy ways to give your immunity a boost!

What is Marine Magnesium?

Pure Ocean-Source MarineMAGNESIUM Range

At GREEN NUTRITIONALS, we believe that the more natural a product is the better it is. Therefore, our Marine Magnesium is a pure ocean-sourced, natural form of magnesium hydroxide containing a minimum of 35% magnesium derived from clean waters off the Irish Coast. Marine Magnesium is precipitated from seawater. Seawater contains approximately 3.5% dissolved salts of which about 0.5% is soluble magnesium.

Meet our Amazing ‘Healthy Inspiration’ – Caitlin Rule

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Greens every day- in my smoothies, salads, whatever. I always find a way to get them in! My absolute favourites are spinach, broccoli and brussels!
Movement- walking, running, strength training, yoga. I love to exercise, it’s the best way to clear the mind. I also ensure I rest 2-3 days each week, because I believe in balance.

How to have an Attitude of Gratitude …

Attitude of Gratitude

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to be filled with good vibes and positive energy? No matter what curve-balls life may throw their way, they always have a good attitude and positive outlook on life. That’s because these people operate from a place of love and gratitude. They understand that by appreciating all that life has given them, positivity will naturally flow their way. If you feel like you need a booster-shot of these positive vibes, here are some ways to allow gratitude into your mind, body, and spirit.

Five Ways to Relieve Stress while Living a Healthy and Happy Life!

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chronic stress can have a lasting impact on our health if we do not manage it properly. Stress has been linked to contributing to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Fortunately, I have been implementing some natural ways to manage my stress and help balance my moods. Here are five ways that I recommend managing your stress and getting on the path toward health and happiness.

Five Reasons to Love Marine Magnesium

Marine Magnesium video

Five Reasons to Love Marine Magnesium from GREEN NUTRITIONALS

Meet ‘The Inspired Family’

The Inspired Family

Let us introduce you to our ‘Healthy Inspirations’ – Sharon and Serge Colicchia and their adorable daughters Jasmine and Jade – together they form ‘The Inspired Family’     *Hi Sharon and Serge, we would love you to tell us a little about yourself and what sparked your desire to become ‘The Inspired Family? The … Continue reading Meet ‘The Inspired Family’

Hawaiian Spirulina Chocolate Hearts

Hawaiian Spirulina chocolate hearts

Superfood Chocolate Hearts – No chocolate molds? No problem. Just pour the chocolate on a chilled porcelain plate, refrigerate until hard, and snap apart in large chunks with a dull knife for an elegant chocolate bark.