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Discover what MicrOrganics GREEN NUTRITIONALS does differently that makes our range of superfoods stand out from the crowd.

Green Nutritionals


We are a company committed to providing you with the World’s best quality superfoods. For us, the term ‘World’s Best’ refers not only to the quality, purity and potency of our products but also their origin & source, where & how we package them, our full disclosure values and the ethics we uphold in the marketing of our products.

Hawaiian Pacific Spirulina


We’ve been in the superfood business for over 25 years, beginning in 1995 with the Australian launch of the renowned Hawaiian Pacific Spirulina products. As the World has become more aware of the great benefits of superfoods and the crucial importance of environmentally sustainable packaging and ethical sourcing, we have grown our business by providing products of outstanding quality and adhering to our values. These values are reflected in our core ideals and company policies that include;

  • LOCTEC™ Nutrient Protection Technology packaging
  • Licensed Australian GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production and packaging
  • Full disclosure of the origin of our superfoods
  • 100% Australian owned & operated
  • Environmental awareness & care
  • 100% recyclable glass and metal packaging

LOCTEC packaging

LOCTEC™ Nutrient Protection Technology means our nutrient-rich superfoods are exclusively packed in glass bottles with metal caps and our bulk products in 100% metal eCANS (no plastic lining, no BPA) that stops oxygen and moisture from entering. This protects the valuable nutrients in our superfoods and greatly reduces nutrient-loss that can be caused by oxygen & moisture.

We use 100% recyclable glass and metal packaging that upholds the integrity of nutrients far better than ‘HDPE plastic bottles’ and ‘composite cans’ made from a blend of card-boards, adhesives and plastic that are NOT recyclable. This is also a commitment to the Earth and our precious environment and ecology.

Over use of plastic is a massive problem that our world is facing and at GREEN NUTRITIONALS we’re serious about helping protect the Planet in any way we can.

Jars with leafLoctec Oxygenless Storage
Product Origin

Product origin and sourcing

Some of the world’s most prolific producers of superfoods are countries where pollution is a significant issue and where there is little or no regulation around how this impacts the quality and purity of the foods they grow. In regions where the environment is full of pollutants, the foods grown in these conditions can be contaminated with heavy metals and have lowered nutritional values.

At GREEN NUTRITIONALS we buy only from the very best growers in non-polluted regions, then fully disclose who these growers are and why we believe their superfoods are the best. We know our suppliers and we know where the products that we pass onto our valued customers have come from. This is about product quality. It’s also about ethical sourcing and knowing the eco-journey of each product that we sell.

Nutrients vs Ingredients

Today, people are becoming much more educated than ever before about the importance of checking what’s in the food products they buy.

At GREEN NUTRITIONALS we heartily endorse this approach to becoming an informed and empowered consumer.

One thing we can tell you that isn’t always apparent from a list of INGREDIENTS on a product label, is the crucial distinction between what NUTRIENTS these ingredients actually contain.

Many brands list a whole lot of ‘ingredients’ on their superfood packaging, but no ‘nutrient values’. What they fail to make clear is that many of these ingredients are either present in such small amounts they offer no nutritional value OR that the ingredients are sourced from countries that may be polluted – also compromising the nutritional value.

We focus 100% on the nutritional content so you can be sure every one of our superfood products will deliver the valuable nutrients you are paying for.

100% Natural


Full transparency and 100% disclosure of the origin & quality of our superfoods has been the hallmark of our brand for over 25 years.

We choose only the best quality superfoods from around the World, proudly tell you where they are grown, who grows them and why they are the best – we never buy superfoods from countries or regions that have compromised environments and all our superfoods are tested to ensure the highest purity and potency.

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.

Our ethics go well beyond a 100% unconditional guarantee – doing the right thing by our highly nutritious superfoods, our precious environment and our valued customers is all important to us and we will never compromise our standards.

We never take our customer’s trust for granted … ever!

For example, we choose not to pack our superfoods in cheap, toxic, non-recyclable plastic bottles, composite cans (cardboard with plastic and glue added) or plastic pouches because they do not protect the oxygen-sensitive nutrients and are damaging to the environment – we only pack in 100% recyclable glass and metal containers that are oxygen-proof to keep your superfoods fresh and potent.

There’s nothing pure, organic or natural about plastic and we believe it should not be used to store superfoods.

Ethical behaviour is doing the right thing – even when doing the wrong thing is legal.


We always tell our customers the truth so they can be confident our product labeling, packaging and marketing is accurate, honest and complete. For example, we refuse to omit information that is important to you, or use any of the latest fad words & phrases that can often mislead consumers as to the origin, potency & purity of our superfoods.

Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it – right is right even when no-one is doing it.

Knowing the truth is what it’s all about and we actively encourage our customers to do ask the tough questions of all the food brands they buy.

When it comes to helping you determine what foods best strengthen your health & wellbeing, it’s important that you get full disclosure and honest information.

After all, it’s your health and you really do deserve the best!

The only people who get upset when you speak the truth are those who are living a lie – keep speaking the truth.


Keeping it real is the only way we can actually deliver the nutrients you are paying for in our superfoods. We never take the easy way out.

Keeping it REAL is a full time job.

When we say we have the World’s Best Superfoods it’s not just a throw-away tagline, we can actually back it up … here’s just a few examples of how we keep it real for our customers;

  • Full independent NUTRITIONAL ANALYSES … so you know what you’re buying
  • Full disclosure of Country of Origin for ALL ingredients used in our products
  • We DO NOT buy superfoods or ingredients from environmentally compromised countries or regions.
  • We DO NOT use plastic packaging or composite cans (cardboard with plastic & glue added)
  • We pack our products in Australia under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) licence.
  • We use LOCTEC Nutrient Protection Technology so that you get the nutrients you are paying for.
  • We DO NOT sell blends with tiny amounts of dozens of ingredients.

We deliver nutrients, not just ingredients … there is a big difference!