World’s best superfoods from a source you can trust

Your health and vitality are priceless assets and the daily intake of highly nutritious superfoods play an important role in maintaining optimal wellness throughout your life. This is why at GREEN NUTRITIONALS, we take extreme care to bring you the World’s Most Nutrient-Rich Superfoods from the best growers on Earth and sources we know you can trust.

We give you confidence in the purity and potency of our superfoods

  • Full transparency – 100% disclosure of the origin & quality of our superfoods has been the hallmark of our brand for over 25 years.
  • Product origin and sourcing – We uphold product quality and ethical sourcing by buying superfoods only from the very best growers in non-polluted regions.
  • Truth in labeling – We fully disclose the nutritional content of our ingredients, so you can be sure each one of our nutrient-rich superfood products will deliver the valuable nutrients you need and are paying for.

A commitment to health and sustainability

At GREEN NUTRITIONALS we use LOCTEC™ Nutrient Protection Technology in packing our products. This means our nutrient-rich superfoods are exclusively packed in 100% recyclable glass and metal packaging with a unique method of removing oxygen from inside the bottle and effectively keeping it out while on the shelf.

Our LOCTEC™ system upholds the integrity of nutrients far better than glass bottles with plastic caps, HDPE plastic bottles with plastic caps and composite cans that are NOT oxygen protective or recyclable.

So when you choose GREEN NUTRITIONALS, it’s not only a proactive and positive step towards your personal health and well-being, but a conscious choice to help protect the purity & potency of your superfoods, our planet and its fragile environment.

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I have recently purchased a bottle of your Green Superfoods with Marine Plant Minerals and I have to let you know that they have drastically improved my health in ways that nothing else has. I no longer crave caffeine, I need less sleep, my gut health is better and my head is clearer. I now have so much more energy which is just so wonderful. I never send feedback for purchases, but I just had to this time! Thank you so much!!!

Jemma A - Sydney NSW

I love the taste and the amazing healing properties of your 100% Australian Organic Wheatgrass.

Hassan Yousif - Kuwait
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